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Happy New Year - PokerTH 0.9 finally released PDF Print
Written by Marcel Mudrich   
Wednesday, 04 January 2012 12:23

We are pleased to present the Happy-New-Year-Edition of the well known and universal popular poker game PokerTH ;-)

After a year of development and a busy beta phase, today on 2012-01-04 we released the new version PokerTH-0.9!
With this version we introduce one of the most frequently requested feature "possibility to rejoin internet games". If you have e.g. trouble with your internet connection: do not worry about a drop of your rank anymore. Furthermore there are around 15 other new features and a lot of bugfixes which are described in the changelog.

Please find the new version for your operating system in our download section.

We wish you a happy new Year 2012 and as usual:

Have a lot of fun!
Your PokerTH development team

Xmas release mania PDF Print
Written by Marcel Mudrich   
Wednesday, 28 December 2011 10:14

Our friends from the DevTeam have some strange work times ;)... But however, we welcome this !

PokerTH 0.9-beta5 nightly release

Christmas holiday time is PokerTH development time ;-)
There are some nightly bugfixes which are rewarding enough to release a new beta version today. As our last tests shows: beta5 is the most stable PokerTH 0.9 version ever.

Please download the new version and enjoy the new gameplay.

Have a lot of fun!
Your PokerTH development team

PokerTH 0.9-beta4 released

Just a few days after beta3 we bring out PokerTH 0.9-beta4. There are some bugfixes done and a feature request implemented. If the blinds raises to a new blind level there is a new sound notification. Detailed information can be found here.

Please download the new version and help us testing.

Have a lot of fun!
Your PokerTH development team

PokerTH 0.9-beta3

On 2011-12-23 we released PokerTH 0.9-beta3. This release introduces a new timeout system, which became necessary for the rejoin feature. Players are now switched to an "autofold" state when being inactive for some time, and will be kicked after a timeout. Rejoin is only possible during the autofold state. This fixes ticket #82. As usual, the new release is available in our download-section.

Have a lot of fun!

Your PokerTH development team

Profiles are back PDF Print
Written by Marcel Mudrich   
Thursday, 15 December 2011 18:17

Thank you for your patience! The profiles are back again. We still have deactivated some features like "Players, i played against" etc.. We will switch this feature on, as soon as we have a new server with more power.

Best regards

Your PokerTH and Teams

Profiles deactivated PDF Print
Written by Marcel Mudrich   
Saturday, 10 December 2011 12:42

Today the development team has temporary deactivated the profile pages for performance reasons. We are working at the system and keep you posted as soon as the profiles are back again.

Thank you for your patience

Your PokerTH and Poker-Heroes Team

TeamSpeak Server Change PDF Print
Written by Ankkah   
Wednesday, 07 December 2011 21:46

We moved our TeamSpeak-Server to a new machine. Please update the ip-adress in your favorits.

New Server Details: 
Port: 9997
Pass: not required

Or use the >> One click connect <<

Have a lot of fun!
Your PokerTH development team


PokerTH 0.9-beta2 - hotfix release PDF Print
Written by Marcel Mudrich   
Friday, 25 November 2011 12:19

hotfixAs a hotfix release we bring out PokerTH-0.9-beta2. There was a crash-bug which was also discussed in our forum. Today we could fix this bug, so this problem should be solved.

Please find the new release in our download-section. Now you are invited again to test the new rejoin system and the other new features. Please also report new problems in the forum.

Have a lot of fun!
Your PokerTH development team


PokerTH 0.9-alpha released PDF Print
Written by Felix Hammer   
Sunday, 30 October 2011 14:04

Screenshot of 0.9-alpha main windowAn alpha-Version of PokerTH 0.9 is now available in the download-section. This release enables rejoining games after being disconnected from the server, and comes with a lot of other new features.

As this is an alpha-release and there are some issues, we have disabled ranking games in 0.9-alpha for now. Please report bugs on the bugtracker or in the forum.

Have a lot of fun!

Your PokerTH development team

New: Avatar Wall PDF Print
Written by Marcel Mudrich   
Thursday, 06 October 2011 08:34

Do you know the situation? Sitting in front of the desktop while you are waiting for your friends to play poker, but they are still in a running game. Now we have a solution to shorten your wait time:

"The Avatar Wall" made by you poker heroes!

>> Check out and get inspired by the wall !

Tipp: Use the reload button of your browser to get a new wall.

Show your rank to the world PDF Print
Written by Marcel Mudrich   
Sunday, 30 January 2011 21:23

Create your ranking signature to use it in forums, on your website in your mail or wherever you would like to embed it. The signature is linking your profile, so that everybody can easily access your player data. You can choose from several designs. More will be added from time to time. Generate and have fun!


Thanks to Ankkah, who coded this cool feature!

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Ranking Algorithm

1) Placement Points are awarded
1. = 24 | 2. = 16 | 3. = 10 | 4. = 6 | 5. = 3 | 6. = 2 | 7. = 1

2) Average Points will be calculated
(Placement Points of last 100 games played / number of games played (max.100))

3) Score is the result of putting Average Points into relation of Community Average Points
(Average Points * 100) / Community Average Points

4) Adding Bonus to Score
(+ 0,01 % per game, maximum 5% at 500 games)

5) First-30-Games-Malus reduces Score
(- 96,7% at 1st game reduced by 3,3% steps down to 0% at 31th game)

6) Activity-Malus reduces Score
(You need minimum 6 games per week to avoid these Malus)

With doitux words: "Tataaa !" Score is calculated. ;)

Poker Heroes Music Mix

We made a small international music selection for you as
"Poker background Music". We hope you enjoy the playlist.

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