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Ranking is back PDF Print
Written by Marcel Mudrich   
Tuesday, 18 January 2011 00:04

Yesterday we switched on the ranking. Also the "find user" function with auto-complete works again. And we added a new "5 minutes fame" box to the site. Hope you can see yourself there soon ;)

Best regards
Your team

PokerTH 0.8.3 released PDF Print
Written by PokerTH Dev Team   
Tuesday, 18 January 2011 00:03


From now on PokerTH 0.8.3 is available and we recommend you to play with this new version. It fixes a crash which sometimes occurs when other players in internet or network games leave a game.
This is a big step to make PokerTH more stable. Additional an updated language support is offered.

You can download this new version here.

Have a lot of fun!
Your PokerTH development team

Score table switched off PDF Print
Written by Marcel Mudrich   
Wednesday, 12 January 2011 10:45

Due to maintenance we switched off the ranking / score table. We found that it causes problems with the login. To secure a smooth login procedure we decided to deactivate the table and fix the problem. 

If you want to know your own ranking, you can direct link to yoru profile by using the following URL:[YourUsername]
(remove the characters behind the = with your nic)

Sorry for inconvenience. We hope we can activate the table during the next days.

Best regards

Your Team

First Cup winner: sentenza PDF Print
Written by Marcel Mudrich   
Sunday, 02 January 2011 19:51

xmascup2010-winnerThe Xmas Cup started at saturday 18:00 CET with 43 participants. We livestreamed the seeding and reports from the standings.

After the first round the following 10 players were qualified for the final table on sunday:
Dawg, almoner, sentenza, foo82, higgs, MaverNick, Lupo Cattivo, Müller-Gerd, James Tont, lix

On sunday the final table started with these heroes. And it was a really great match, which was also livestreamed. Thanks to higgs who streamed the match from his client. Great job higgs.

After 125 hands the winner was sentenza, followed from MaverNick at the 2nd and foo82 at the 3rd place. Congratulations!

The final standings
1. sentenza
2. MaverNick
3. foo82
4. higgs
5. Müller-Gerd
6. James Tont
7. Dawg
8. Lupo Cattivo
9. almoner
10. lix

All participants got a Cup Award in their profile. And the 3 first placed got the blinky one ;)

It was really a great experience to organize this cup with you! Thanks to all the users, which helped us to have a smooth workflow. Also the mood and the athmosphere was great. This way our team is motivated to organize more events like this one. We already plan a new one for January / February.

We wish you a happy new year and thank you for your great sympathies!

Your Team

Xmas Cup participants PDF Print
Written by Marcel Mudrich   
Thursday, 30 December 2010 12:30

The Top50 Xmas Cup Participants are...

Osiris Ato
arthur dent
Groucho Marx
James Tont
Lupo Cattivo


For those which were close to the top 50, don´t worry. It won´t be the last turney at

!!! EMAILS !!!
Please make sure, that your email provider can receive the invitation which will be sent today in the evening.
This invitation has to be confirmed by mail. Everybody, who will not confirm the invitation will be kicked off.

For those who can not participate, please message us, so that we can name the alternates (next ranked players).

At saturday the qualifying for the final table will be played.
The Cup starts at saturday, 1st january 18:00 CET. You need to check in 1 hour before (17:00 CET).
The final table starts on sunday 2nd january 18:00 CET. Same procedure than saturday.

You need to check in 1 hour before (17:00 CET). That means, that you need to be online in the PokerTH lobby. We will livestream the drawing of the groups between 17-18:00 CET.

Afterwards we will appoint the admins at the tables. The admins will open the tables with password we will give before.

Blinds will be the same than in ranked games, start with 50$. Start Cash will be 10.000. Blinds will be doubled every 22th hand. Timeout for player action is 12 seconds. Delay between hands 7 seconds.

Players which will be disconnected from a table for any reasons are off the turney.

Any flame (posting deliberately hostile messages) will cause direct disqualification from the turney. Starting Kickvotes will cause direct disqualification from the turney. Players should make screenshots in this case and contact the admins immediately. We will give further instructions then. Disqualification can cause additional penalties against the players.

Please help us to perform a smooth turney.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, please use this thread at the >> PokerTH forum

Thanks in advance!
Stay tuned and have fun !

TOP 50 Xmas Cup PDF Print
Written by Marcel Mudrich   
Saturday, 11 December 2010 09:22

Between Xmas and Sylvester we start the first  PokerTH  (PHPTH) Xmas Cup. The Top 50 at the 23th of December, 23:59 will be qualified automatically. The date for the cup will be announced during the next days. The cup will be played in 2 rounds.

1st round: Elimination with 5 tables á 10 players
2nd round: Final table with the top 2 of each table from the Elimination

awards-wintercup-1_100 awards-wintercup-2_100 awards-wintercup-3_100
30,- € Amazon voucher 20,- € Amazon voucher 10,- € Amazon voucher

+ The first 3 places get these special awards for their profile.
+ All Top 50 participants get an attendance award for their profile.

Prices are donated by PokerTH and

The seeding will be done randomly. Players which will not appear at seeding time will be deleted. Please check your eMailaddresses, because the seeding will be send by mail. Players whose address not work, can´t participate. We will also need the adresses to send the prices.

We hope that you like the idea.

UPADTE: Score calculation based on last 30 games !
To increase your motivation we will update the ranking algorithm tomorrow. From Sunday 15:00 UTC we will calculate the score just from your last 30 games played. With this change you will be able to get rid of bad games and / or series. It will bring more dynamic into everybody’s score and help to improve the score by getting better much faster than before.

Chip name vote starts PDF Print
Written by Marcel Mudrich   
Tuesday, 07 December 2010 10:15

Hallo Poker Heroes,

since we were asking for a name for our little chip, we got a lot of suggestions:
- Charlie Chiplean
- Chipleader
- Mr. Public Relationchip
- Mr. Public Relation Chip
- Public Relation Chip
- El Chip
- Collin Bluffs
- Chipetto
- Hotshot
- Chipnic

We will start the poll in a few days. So is you would like to participate at this poll, send us your name ideas. Price for the winner: The first Shirt.

Send your suggestion to

Your Team

Profiles updated / All-time Rank-O-Meter PDF Print
Written by Marcel Mudrich   
Friday, 03 December 2010 12:39

At some profile entries in Beta4 season the data was missing. We fixed that bug now and all profiles should have their results from last season now.

We also checked the database and found, that not all games from last season were listet in the new All-time Rank-O-Meter. Now all games should be listed. The Rank-O-Meter will be updated once after every season.

Thank you for your mails and forum posts.

Good luck and have fun!

Your Team

All Time - Rank-O-Meter added PDF Print
Written by Marcel Mudrich   
Thursday, 02 December 2010 00:56

Since the last reset a lot of valuable data was missing by many users. So we added an additional "All Time - Rank-O-Meter" to your profile. It will now store all your games you have played and will (hopefullySmile) never be reseted. The "Season - Rank-O-Meter" just shows your results of the current season, which is Beta5. We hope that you like the way we try to improve the ranking. We know that there are still a lot of things and ideas. We keep working. Stay tuned and have fun so far.

Your Team

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5) First-30-Games-Malus reduces Score
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6) Activity-Malus reduces Score
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