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Ranking Reset 4 PDF Print
Written by Marcel Mudrich   
Monday, 29 November 2010 21:05

On Saturday 27th we did another ranking reset. Unfortunately without announcement. Sorry, there was a misunderstanding between me and my partner. We take care, that it will never happen again unannounced. We added your old gaming results to your profile as Beta 4 entries. And we added a new table to the hall of fame with the Top 100.

We still work on improvements for the system and i recognized, that especially new players did not know, that we are still in a Beta phase for this ranking. We already told in old forum posts and news, that we need to reset the ranking from time to time, to get the changes we made working. For the future we think about seasons, which will be played, 3-6 per year, And with every reset you will take your ranking score into a global ranking. And at the end of the year we have a champion. We keep you posted as soon as we start this "global ladder".

One of the mayor changes after the reset is, that we changed the activity malus. We had a lot of discussion about this topic in the PokerTH  forum:  The voting shows what most of you prefer: Less games to play per Week. So we decided to reduce the number of games from 10 to 6 you need to play per week to avoid the malus. I think this value meets the democratic middle of the voting. 

We also realized one of your suggestions about the calculation. I don´t know who excatly it was, but someone suggested, to take just the last 30 games played to calculate the score. We found that this is a very good idea and implemented it to the current system. It is good for everybody, who improves his gameplay and get better. And it always shows a good snapshot of the current skill of a player. I think this is what we need in the ranking. Currently we have this running in a test table. As soon as we see, that it works fine, we will switch it into the live system. We will write a post, when it happens.

Kindest regards

Your Team

Teamspeak Server available PDF Print
Written by Marcel Mudrich   
Tuesday, 12 October 2010 20:41

Are you tired to chat while rocking the table? For those of you which are equiped with the latest game wear, don´t worry, i just mean a simple headset ;)... we have installed a Teamspeak 3 Server. Teamspeak is a Voiceserver, which let´s you talk to your opponents. Bluff them acoustical and tell them what you possibly hit on the board. Download the latest Teamspeak Version:

Connect to this IP: - Port: 9997 - Pass: not required
Direct connect: ts3server://

And now have fun with your mates and listen to their wise words of poker wisdom. But.... don´t believe everything, except it´s Checkraiser who is giving you tips.. ;)

Luck on!

Your Team

Activity Malus activated PDF Print
Written by Marcel Mudrich   
Saturday, 09 October 2010 16:37

One of the most wanted changes has been activated today. Many people asked for it and here it is:

The activity Malus
Players which play less than 10 games per week (last 7 days) will get a malus added to the score. So everybody is forced to keep the activity alive to stay inside their regular score.

Checkraiser now took place at position 415.

We hope you like this.

Your Team

Ladies Time PDF Print
Written by Marcel Mudrich   
Wednesday, 29 September 2010 11:26

Boom-Tshackalacka - we have a Lady-Leader at The autumn gets colder for the male heroes, since Schnecki "rockz da house".

Congratulation to the 1st female Hero of the day!

Also the german domination in the Top10 can´t be broken... Italy, France, rest of the world ...what´s up? Please push a bit more against the "Krauts" (nicht bös´ sein liebe germans, bin selbst a Kraut / please don´t be angry germans, i´m a Kraut too).

We will have an eye on these two top topics ;)...
So have fun & luck on !

Your Team

Release ladder reset PDF Print
Written by Marcel Mudrich   
Sunday, 26 September 2010 15:40

Welcome to the new ranking website of PokerTH. Those which played with us during the beta stages know already that we take the results of the ranked matches and put them into the ranking here at

With the release of PokerTH 0.8 we reseted the ladder today.

As you already know, everybody will get his beta3 ladder results as entry in his user profile. The first 3 beta stages were a lot of fun. But also a lot of discussions, suggestions and many thankfull mails. Thank you for participating at the development of this project.

Into the new ranking we will add an "activity malus". As soon as we have impemented it, we will tell you more about it.

Now we will simulate some new score algorythms during the next weeks and test it with a another reset. You will be informed in time. As soon as we have a good working system, we start the "global ladder". The global ladder ranking will be the accumulated results of the ladder seasons. We think about seasons, in which you can play your matches. Your final rank in each season, which could run 4, 6 or 8 weeks, will recalculated to points which will be added to your global ranking.

It´s the current status of what we are planning. But we will discuss this with you in the PokerTH forum, before we will start it.

As a new goodie we have added a livestream to the menu. We will stream poker matches from the desktop to the website. If you want to be part of one of these machtes just watch out for the player "Checkraiser". He will stream the matches.

Have fun and "luck on"

Your Team

Downtime and 0.8 release PDF Print
Written by Felix Hammer   
Saturday, 25 September 2010 18:28

Downtime and 0.8 release


Today on 2010-09-25 around 10 pm German time (convert to your local time here) we plan to release PokerTH 0.8. The beta server will be shut down, and there will be a downtime of the stable server which should not last longer than 2 hours. All rankings will be reset (and stored in the hall of fame).

Please be patient during the downtime. We will start the new server as fast as possible. During the downtime, PokerTH 0.8 will already be available on the download page, so that you can start right away once the server is running.

Bear with us!

Your PokerTH development team

Raging Reporter wanted PDF Print
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 11 September 2010 10:51

Wanna be the first, who knows, what comes next?
Wanna keep in touch with the community and publish their stories? 

We are looking for reporters, which cover the PokerTH rankings on
Do you think you can bring out some heroes?

Become part of the Team and apply yourself as editorial staff.

Send us a small example of a Poker Heroes Community Story to:

Also everybody else ist invited to send us their stories, we should publish for you.

Top10 Rumble Report No1 PDF Print
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 11 September 2010 08:42

The Top10 was shaken a bit during the last 24h.

4 players left the "rumble box": Sparkle, Profess...., Lacrimosa and Loveboat.

4 Players entered the box: BobbyBaldwin, Zananzelm, LuisCypher and Valy.

yesterday this morning
1 win me?? 1 BobbyBaldwin
2 Sparkle 2 win me?? (-1)
3 yomismo 3 yomismo (0)
4 John la marr 4 Data_ (+3)
5 Sumikam 5 Zananzelm
6 Profess.... 6 Sumikam (-1)
7 Data_ 7 LuisCypher
8 BRACK 8 John la marr (-4)
9 Lacrimosa 9 Valy
10 Loveboat 10 BRACK (-2)

There are still a lot of good players with a very good average score, which did not played their 20th game. So we can still expect some more new faces in the "box". There is doitux with am average of 13.08, risk with 12.46, sevenfour with 13.67, nada with 12.85 or wayne5 with 13.54.

But the unchallenged hero of the moment ist BobbyBaldwin with an unbelievable avarage of 14.9 ! He was the shaker of the day.

It will be a hard mission to reach his score of 240.8 .

Finally we don´t want forget our manners: The top Lady is Schneck at place 15. She is leading the female ranking with a score of 167.52 . Congratulation!

Luck on

Your Team

Past days review PDF Print
Written by Administrator   
Friday, 10 September 2010 08:06

A few days are gone with the new ranking and it seems that it works well. The chance to achieve a first record as "first winner" of the Beta3 season was taken by "yomismo". And he still plays quite well and is one of the players who breaks the "italian dominance". The italians currently are the best nation. The players around "win me??" rule the top10 (5 players) and the top20 (9 players). Just "Sumikam" from hungary and "data_" from germany are able to pin their flags into the top10 too.

One player we spotted had an increadible average score at the beginning: "Profess...."
Until yesterday. After a real impressive start at the first day all his efforts seems to be destroyed yesterday. In the first 13 games he made 7 1st places. But with the 14th game he started to wobble. However, he is still good in position and it shows to us, that it is quite hard to play at a high level for a long time. Especially here at PokerTH, where we have a wide range of skill.

So here is the Top10 of the moment:

1     win me??
2     Sparkle
3     yomismo
4     John la marr
5     Sumikam
6     Profess....
7     Data_
8     BRACK
9     Lacrimosa
10   Loveboat

Congratulations, enjoy your moment of glory.

The community will hunt you ;)

Luck on

Your Team

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