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New ranking works now PDF Print
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 08 September 2010 14:02

Yesterday we made the reset for BETA3. We added a lot of new features. Some of them were already requested in the PokerTH forum. The major modification was made with the algorithm. It is still beta and we surely will change it again before the final realease of 0.8. But with the last modification, we have a stronger focus on skill.

First of all we discussed the distribution of the placement points. Since PokerTH delivers also the placements of each match, we needed to adjust this point. Finally we decided to give points for the places 1-7. In Formula1 just less than 50% of the drivers get points. We wanted to have some pressure at the last 3 places, to invite our "Alliners" for a better gameplay. We also wanted to have an exponential points curve, to add attracitivity to the first places. The current points distribution is:

  1. 24 points
  2. 16 points
  3. 10 points
  4. 6 points
  5. 3 points
  6. 2 points
  7. 1 point

By adding all placement points and divide them with the number of played games, everybody gets his individual average points. These points will be set in ralation to the cummounity average points. This we call the "Score". We did this, to see, how strong a player is compared to others playing PokerTH.

To reward our frequent playing users we added a bonus to the Score. It is 0.01% for each played game and will be given up to the 500th game. So the maximum "frequent playing bonus" is 5%. Our opinion is, that we would like to give these players a chance to diistance players with similar average points but less games played. We don´t want, that a player is able to make significant jumps in the ranking, just by playing a lot of matches. So the bonus is small and it´s limited to 5%.

The malus was reduced to 20 games, because the games with 10 players are longer. And it´s more difficult to win games now. The malus starts with 95% for the 1st game. It will be reduced in 5% steps down to 0% at the 20th game.

We know, that there are still a lot of ideas and suggestions flying around. We still have an eye at all these points, especially the algorythm. What we will add very soon is something like an AFK malus, which reduces the score of players, which play an insufficient number of games per week / per month.... This is important to keep players playing which could stop playing as soon as they have a good ranking. We will also test several algorythms in simulations, to see how they work for the PokerTH Community.

So have a look at our news and our changelog. We keep you posted.

Now we hope that you like the 0.8 Beta3 ranking and wish you a lot of fun and always the right card on the river ;)

Your Team

Ranking reset done PDF Print
Written by Administrator   
Tuesday, 07 September 2010 13:17

Rankings reset is done since 9:00 UTC.

Unfortunately it seems, that we have a little bug in our table. We work on it and fix it hopefully this evening.

More information about the reset will follow later this day.

Your Team

Ranking reset PDF Print
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 06 September 2010 16:31

Tomorrow we will reset the current ranking. The player profiles will be updated with your results of the beta 2 ranking. For the new ranking we have made some basic changes. Datails will be posted with the reset tomorrow. Have fun so far.

Your Team

Beta 3 is coming PDF Print
Written by Administrator   
Saturday, 04 September 2010 14:02

On Sunday the 5th of September PokerTH enters the 3rd Beta round.

The most important change:
In Beta 3 we will have ranked games with 10 players.

Sunday evening the switch will be done.

We will reset the ranking during the following week. The current placements for each player will be written into the player profiles and a top100 table will be added into the menu. Currently we already count the placement points. You can see that in the ranking table "Placement Points":

Currently a player get points for placements between 1st and 5th place:

1st: 20 pts
2nd: 12 pts
3rd:  6 pts
4th: 2 pts
5th: 1 pts

We will add another table with the average score. Furthermore we will update the ranking score soon. The future ranking is based on the avarage score and some additional parameters like "avarage score player" in relation to "average score of all players", number of "played games a week" with a time-based malus, which reduces the score if a player goes inactive (with exponential developing).

With the experience of the upcoming algorythm, we will try to work out a good one for the final 0.8 release.

We would like to thank you for all the constructive feedback and suggestions. We always read all relevant posts in the PokerTH forum and try to answer asap. For those which are interested in the current discussions about the ranking algorythm i would like to recommend the following thread: ranking discussion

Best regards your Team

New Website for Poker Heroes PDF Print
Written by Administrator   
Wednesday, 28 July 2010 22:59

Welcome to, the official stats & rankings website of PokerTH. PokerTH has become the most popular open source (or let´s say "uncommercial") poker software on the web. We are proud to announce this cooperation between PokerTH and

Since years the guys (including the Autor ;) ) from Equity eSports were gambling with PokerTH. Starting as almost every project does, with a small sheet of paper, which manually was transfered to the web, we begun to play with PokerTH in 2008 with a few "Poker Heroes" from our ESL PokerTeam. During the years we developed our own ranking system and played 3 seasons of our fun pokerleague. One day PokerTH asked for an advertising cooperation, and we answered: "Sorry, no money for ads. But we could build a new plattform together.". So PokerTH and Equity Poker decided to build this new plattform for all the users playing PokerTH.

And here it is, the first version of

This website is dedicated to you: To all the Poker Heroes, which unfortunately still not wear a WSOP Bracelet even you should have one ;). We will work out a lot of new things, to document your achievements and make the real heroes to the stars of our community: YOU !

We hope, that you will support us with your comments and ideas to give you the maximum gambling experience in uncommercial online poker.

Have fun now, your Team

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2) Average Points will be calculated
(Placement Points of last 100 games played / number of games played (max.100))

3) Score is the result of putting Average Points into relation of Community Average Points
(Average Points * 100) / Community Average Points

4) Adding Bonus to Score
(+ 0,01 % per game, maximum 5% at 500 games)

5) First-30-Games-Malus reduces Score
(- 96,7% at 1st game reduced by 3,3% steps down to 0% at 31th game)

6) Activity-Malus reduces Score
(You need minimum 6 games per week to avoid these Malus)

With doitux words: "Tataaa !" Score is calculated. ;)

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