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PokerTH 1.1.1 - Spectator Mode Works fine now

With the new Version 1.1.1 PokerTH runs more stable. The PokerTH DEV-Team fixed some bugs, where one of them caused crashes.

And just in time for the new Poker Cup Series the HTML5 Spectator got some mayor improvements. Now it runs really stable and fast. They added a loading screen and in the players overview you can now search users with the included search function above the list.

You can now spectate every Cup Match with the new spectator tool.

Thanks to the PokerTH Dev Team!
Great Job!


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Burning Cards Cup

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Port: 9617
Pass: not required

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Have fun with your mates and listen to their wise words of poker wisdom. But.... don´t believe everything...

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Ranking Algorithm

1) Placement Points are awarded
1. = 24 | 2. = 16 | 3. = 10 | 4. = 6 | 5. = 3 | 6. = 2 | 7. = 1

2) Average Points will be calculated
(Placement Points of last 100 games played / number of games played (max.100))

3) Score is the result of putting Average Points into relation of Community Average Points
(Average Points * 100) / Community Average Points

4) Adding Bonus to Score
(+ 0,01 % per game, maximum 5% at 500 games)

5) First-30-Games-Malus reduces Score
(- 96,7% at 1st game reduced by 3,3% steps down to 0% at 31th game)

6) Activity-Malus reduces Score
(You need minimum 6 games per week to avoid these Malus)

With doitux words: "Tataaa !" Score is calculated. ;)