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Cup Weekend One - January
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Cup Weekend One - January
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Behind us lies an eventful cup weekend with many great games. On Saturday the cup series 2014 started with the “New Years Cup” and on Sunday with the Heads UP Cup 01.

First of all

During the last season we played the first cup series. Rankings and awards were not always immediately online. I, (LuisCypher), am the only one to blame for that. However, this also had its reasons, which can be found in the private sphere (work and an addition to the family). We operate Poker Heroes, despite time consuming jobs and families, with great enthusiasm, because we love this game. I am a flawless onliner and a “Gamer of the first hour” (“Pong” will never be forgotten!). Poker Heroes is more than just a hobby, with me in particular, over the last few years it has become a part of my life and was burned into my soul. And this poker community certainly is one of the reasons why.

I'll do my best to keep the website updated this year and together with my colleague Cyberi@n (Kai) I will try to get the, already in 2013, mentioned relaunch moving. I will update cups and awards as quickly as possible.

Back to the Cup weekend

For the New Years Cup 146 players logged in. More than ever before. There were some changes in the run-up.

  • The seeding process is now carried out by random generator.
  • And for the silver and bronze final there are now more cup ranking points available.

The “well-known” names where not the only ones to qualify themselves for the finals this time. Last years top seeded “Dati” had to be content with 4th place at his table and missed the qualification.

The biggest surprise however was a lady. “nanusch” not only qualified herself for the gold final, but she won it after a hard match.


Thus the German “Poker Heroes Bedrock” now leads the cup rankings.

nyc-1st-01-14 nyc-2nd-01-14 nyc-3rd-01-14 nyc-top30-01-14


Heads Up Cup on Saturday

The New Years Cup on Saturday was followed by the Heads UP Cup 01 on Sunday, in which 54 players participated. Up to the finals the players had to fight themselves through 5 rounds, whereby each round was decided by a “Best of Three” match.

In the end FradiDrukker met joe4135 in the finals and israelac faced off against milkamann1. FradiDrukker decided the final with 2:0 in his favor and thus enters the cup season as the first HUC winner.



huc-1st-01-14 huc-2nd-01-14 huc-3rd-01-14

Thanks to all table admins and helpfull hands: PollyI, MasterG84, Doc Ijiwaru, nanusch, Creeper, Scotty, joe4135, Pokername, Safavid, Hasi, Grokly, Win me??, LiLaLux and BvM2705 for his sympathy !!

We hope that you have enjoyed the cups and we’re looking forward to see you again at the next cups, at the latest in February.

Best regards
Your Poker Hereos Team


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