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Woooot an April Cup rumble !

Smashing, bashing and finally cashing (at least for some ;) ).


The April Fool Cup had a lot of Fools ;), but also Winners. And the big winner of the AFC was the unwritten sheet KastroUrd. It´s a new user, registered in march. We keep an eye on him. Congratulations for your win!

On the places we had Stefano (2nd) and WiseWizard.(3rd) Good job.

But also the results from Cebis and ElmoEGO caused some shakings in the global Cup Ranking.

Both of them made it the 3rd time into the final rounds and are now leading the Cup Ranking. Congratulations Heroes !

But the Winner definately is someone else. An old well known friend in the community: Stefano. He not just made to the 2nd rank at the April Fool Cup, he also did it at the April Heads Up Cup !!! *BAM*, and with 58 Cup Ranking Points (CRP) in April is the Shooting Star at the Cup Series. "The Killer on the River" is now hunting for the TOP3. So leaders take care!

Winner of the April Heads Up Cup was Fetzenschedl the 3rd place was captured by Ghost_. Congratulations !

Here is Scottys CUP Review:

HUC 04 review
Information to all HUC - players

Dear HUC - players ,

many thanks for your so many participate at the April Cup. This has worked wonderfully . I am very happy about it , so also determines her.

I want to let you in on an even hints :
If your you to the HUC - logs in the game, so I want to ask you, your nick name here exactly as you have entered in the PokerTH . example:
I signed up with " Scotty " so big " S" small " cotty " = " Scotty" in PokerTH .
When I at HUC " in " with " Scotty" , so big " SC" and small " otty " = " Scotty" notifying me , so I can my nickname in the "Poker " no longer find !
Therefore, the request of you : Write your " NICK " correctly. It may here be no changes , including spaces and special characters may be " Not " changed!

But I wish you much fun by playing poker in PokerTH , and hope soon in the next HUC you again - to welcome game.
Lots of love
Your Scotty

In German:

HUC 04 Rückblick
Information an alle HUC - Mitspieler

Hallo liebe HUC - Mitspieler,

vielen Dank für Eure so zahlreiche Teilnahme am April Cup. Dies hat wunderbar funktioniert. Darüber bin ich sehr froh darüber, so bestimmt auch ihr.

Ich möchte Euch auf eines noch Hinweisen:
Wenn Ihr Euch zum HUC - Spiel anmeldet, so möchte ich Euch bitten, Euren Nicknamen genau so eintragen, wie Ihr im PokerTH eingetragen habt. Beispiel:
Ich habe mich mit "Scotty", also großes "S" kleines "cotty" = "Scotty" angemeldet im PokerTH.
Wenn ich mich beim HUC "im" mit "SCotty", also, großes "SC" und kleines "otty" = "SCotty" anmelde, so kann ich meinen Nicknamen im "" nicht mehr finden!
Deshalb die Bitte an Euch: Schreibt Euren "NICKNAMEN" korrekt aus. Es darf hier keine Änderungen geben, auch Leerzeichen und Sonderzeichen dürfen "Nicht" verändert werden!

Ich wünsche Euch aber weiterhin viel Spass beim Pokern im PokerTH, und hoffe, Euch bald wieder im nächsten HUC - Spiel begrüßen zu dürfen.
Viele liebe Grüße
Euer Scotty


We are looking forward to great May Cups, which will be completed by the Brazil Cup Qualifier 5, your last chance to qualify for the Cup Final in june. A few slot are still free, so hurry up and register.

Thanks to all table admins and helpfull hands!

Best regards
Your Poker Heroes Team


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