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Poker table for your own private poker round
Written by LuisCypher   
Sunday, 19 January 2014 00:00

Once you have licked some online-poker blood, you will hardly be able to avoid the charms of a private pokerround. The popularity of Texas Holdem poker has caused for a wide variety of poker implements being available in stores. So you won't have any problems in creating your own little poker den.

Poker table or poker table cover?

The first thing an excessive night of poker needs, is a table. A poker table would of course be ideal for an authentic game. But on one hand, a poker table is a pretty hefty investment and on the other one also needs to have the space for one. Those who have both, can consider themselves lucky and will have no problem finding a suitable poker table matching their taste in the huge variety on offer in stores.

The poker cover

Those who don't immediately want to buy an entire poker table, can buy a poker cover instead. Covers also come in different versions. They come in the form of simple cloths, which can spread like a tablecloth across the table. But one can also use stable, foldable constructions. These have the added advantage that they also feature armrests, typical for poker tables. Some versions offer trays for the own chips or even cupholders. There is a suitable edition for each taste, so that in the end an authentic as possible poker table develops.Those who from time to time have hosted a private poker round, are probably best served with a firm, foldable poker cover. There are even mobile covers, which can be stowed away in a bag or a suit-case. So one can bring its poker table everywhere with him.

Color and formats

With the colors of the poker covers there usually is the choice between green, red, blue and black.There are also different forms with the formats. The most common formats are oval, round, octagonally or rectangular (usually with rounded off corners). So one can select the suitable form for their own table. Ideally, the cover is lying centrically on the table so it's reachable for all players. You should make sure that the table is not too large, so that everyone can reach the table center, and collect the pot :).

My poker table

For myself I decided on a stable, transportable, octagonal cover witha thickle at her edge, on which the players can rest their arms. The cover is a little smaller than the table so there is room for some "provisions".  With the table by the way, I had a bit of luck because when a neighbour moved out, he asked me if I could lend a hand carrying down his table. He wanted to throw it out. A beautiful genuine wooden table, octagonally, genuine craftsmanship. A real beauty, like it was made for our poker evenings. What can I say….this table never made it out of the house, but immediately moved into our dining and gaming room :). There it now stands, serving as a monument to all wannabe pro's who come to visit us warning them at once of the poker skills they will find in this house :D.


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