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Written by LuisCypher   
Monday, 20 January 2014 04:24

Dear Poker Heroes,

from time to time, i will write some rows about the status here at our Poker Heroes Team. Just to keep you up to date about our work at the website. This time i would like to give you some insights into the team history. It is an important information to understand how the development is going on (Yes, "on", even if you can´t recognize it in every step we are doing).

A few years ago i started this project together with Berthold. With him, we started the first beta phases and the first rankings. When we started, we decided to use Joomla as plattform for the website. Unfortunately i "lost" Berthold because he had some private issues. I had to watch out for a new partner. For a short season Alexander helped out with administration. He wrote the signature tool. But he wasn´t an exercised developer. So he wasn´t able to compensate the loss at the dev part.

Fortunately i met Kai. He is an experienced developer. He likes poker like me and he also loves this project. When he was joining Poker Heroes, we had a lot of performance problems, caused by our database. the website went down, the server was laggy or also down... we had a lot of problems. So his first task was to fix all the old development sins. And this was a task which still lasts, because the old code is complete uncommented. This means, he had to go deep into the code, to understand how each function of the system works. And unfortunately he found a lot of things, which needed improvements.

So he fixed the most of the performance problems and since may last year the system is running quite fast and stable. I think most of you which suffered from this problems know what i´m talking about.

After fixing this task, he went on to rewrite a lot of the old code. Meanwhile i wrote down my wishlist with all the new functions and improvements, a part of these i discussed with you in the pokerth forum.

A lot of open tasks he now has on his todo list. And some of them, we wished, already were done. But reallife always demands tribute. So we still haven´t done our relaunch, which was planned for 2013 and also the new ranking system still is one of our open tasks.

Sometimes, i wish i cold help him with coding, but i can´t. So the development steps we can do are completely Kai´s part. And he did already a lot of new coding to prepare the relaunch which still is one of our main goals. Because with the new version of the website a lot of new functions will be added.

Last year we started the cup series, which was completed by the heads up cup series. Both series, we will continue this year. Kai currently writes a cup component, to automatise the cup workflow. Once it is finished, we will be able to realize  more and faster updated cups. I saw already a lot of promising screenshots. And hopefully i can use the system with the cup admins soon.

What can you expect during the next weeks? First we start with the New Years Cup. Afterwards, i will update the whole reports for the played seasons and cups 2013. And i will establish the global ranking, which is based on the cups and the ranking table. And we need to reward the winners of each season, each cup series and the global ranking winners. I got the season tables from Kai and after the New Years cup, i will start to keep the records of the year 2013.

For 2014 we won MasterG84 for the editorial office. He already posted some articles in the news section. And he will continue to keep you up to date.

Even if you can´t see mayor steps at the frontend, we can promise, that we are busy working in the background, to realize the next big step for Poker Heroes.

In this blog, i will keep you posted.

So have fun and good luck for the cup next weekend!

Best regards


Cup Menu 08 -14

Burning Cards Cup

Ranking Algorithm

1) Placement Points are awarded
1. = 24 | 2. = 16 | 3. = 10 | 4. = 6 | 5. = 3 | 6. = 2 | 7. = 1

2) Average Points will be calculated
(Placement Points of last 100 games played / number of games played (max.100))

3) Score is the result of putting Average Points into relation of Community Average Points
(Average Points * 100) / Community Average Points

4) Adding Bonus to Score
(+ 0,01 % per game, maximum 5% at 500 games)

5) First-30-Games-Malus reduces Score
(- 96,7% at 1st game reduced by 3,3% steps down to 0% at 31th game)

6) Activity-Malus reduces Score
(You need minimum 6 games per week to avoid these Malus)

With doitux words: "Tataaa !" Score is calculated. ;)